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I believe as a horologist I can live as a craftsman and as a doctor at the same time. My passion is repairing and restoring any antique or modern, simple or complicated watch. I can breathe life into your most valued timepiece and offer you a free post online watch repair service. In my view, restoring your treasured wrist watch, pocket watch or any other horological heirloom back to its former glory means just as much to me as it does to you. Maybe you have a piece of family history that has been tucked away too long because you were told it was unrepairable? Leave your piece in my capable hands, and I will bring a part of your history alive again.

Antique clock and vintage watch restoration is a precious craftsmanship, patience, precision and persistence are required to fix a broken watch or a broken part, but this is what a vintage watch specialist like me enjoys the most. If your antique clock, antique pocket watch or vintage watch is timeworn and rusty, most of the times some parts need to be replaced. With antique clock, vintage watch replacement gets tricky as mostly the parts are not available anymore, so this is when I can use my watchmaker skills and make the missing parts on my own, so your antique clock or vintage watch will work again in no time. Antique clock, antique pocket watch or vintage watch restoration is not just about fixing your piece, it is about bringing it back to life, with every single part there is little bit of history attached.
These days in our busy, rushing world we do not have the time to sit down and reflect on the past. As for the time you could spend admiring and enjoying your antique watch is precious, I recommend that you do not spend time running from one watch shop to another, trying to find someone who can fix your watch. There are not many of us watchmakers left who have the right knowledge to fix antique/vintage watches, so I understand that you might have given up trying to finding someone capable. I would like to help you solve this problem, and that is why I offer free post service and online watch repair to all my clients ( be they in the UK or anywhere else in the world), so you don’t have to spend time running from one High Street shop to another. Mostly, these High Street shop would use the service of an independent watchmaker anyway, and you would just pay them extra for them to add an intermediary commission on top of your bill. So trying an online watch repair service makes sense for three reasons: you save time running around, you save the commission charge of the High Street shop, and you can be sure your watch is in the most capable hands. I offer you a free postal kit which securely ships your watch and I also have comprehensive insurance to cover it in transit. During the restoration of your antique clock, modern, luxury or complicated watch, I will keep you up-to-date on what is required to bring it back to life. All the steps that I take to repair your watch will be outlined in a full free estimate and agreed by you before I carry out any works- so you will be in full control. If you still have any questions, please scroll further to read more or reach out to me via phone or the contact form.

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There are over a hundred reasons why a watch or clock movement will not run accurately. One or more of its many parts (in some cases up to 200+ pieces) may be broken, rusted, unoriginal, previously improperly serviced, or just plain tired.

To be honest, watch repair is beyond cleaning and oiling the movement, that is the easy part. My advice is to avoid the watch repair shops who just clean and oil the watches without proper service. The improper service typically won’t bring satisfactory results and generally causes you more time, money and trouble as you would need to visit another shop or use an online watch repair service to fix your watch properly.

I will take extra care of your watch and with that achieve the best result possible. My watch repair and restoration service are guaranteed, insured, exacting and prompt. My speciality is the restoration of antique, luxury and complicated mechanical and vintage watches and it would be my honour to restore your timepiece to its former glory.

I offer my watch repair service to High Street shops as well, if you received a broken watch which cannot be fixed in your shop because of missing tools or parts. I have a fruitful working relationships with many stores, antique dealerships, auction houses and sometimes museums too, so please feel free to reach out to me to discuss the details.
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Security with my Free Special Delivery Packaging

fully insured freepost repairs service Brighton (England , UK) national and world wide Postal Box free prepaid special delivery box
My special watch repair workshop is in Tonbridge, Kent, East-Sussex, UK which at the moment cannot be visited so I offer a free and secured postage to all my clients. As transportation of bigger clocks, like grandfather clocks can be problematic via post, I visit you at your home to do the restoration. (Tonbridge area only).
As an online watch repair workshop I receive your broken watches via a free and secure postal service. I can guarantee my national and International clients with a fully insured, convenient, free post repairs service. Order my free postage kit, so my own insurance will cover the value of your watch.

How does an online watch repair work with the free postage? First, you reach out to me to discuss the details about your broken watch. Don’t worry, you do not need to know what the exact problem is with your timepiece – just tell me what you experience and the type of your watch. Once we have discussed the details and agreed on the service, I will send you my free postage kit so that we can protect your broken watch properly. When your watch is with me, I will give you the exact repair price and I will repair all the broken parts, replace everything which needs to be replaced, fix all the issues and clean your watch inside and out. When your piece has been repaired and restored and thoroughly tested it will be sent back to you in the same way in a safely packaged postage kit.


Modern Mechanical Watch Repair Price
Manual Wind£ 80.00 from
Pocket Watch£ 70.00 from
Automatic£ 110.00 from
Chronograph£ 250.00 from
Vintage Mechanical Watch Repair Price
Manual Wind£ 120.00 from
Pocket Watch£ 110.00 from
Automatic£ 150.00 from
Chronograph£ 290.00 from
Quartz Watch Repair Price
2-3 Hands£ 45.00 from
Chronograph£ 70.00 from
Movement Replacement£ 25.00 from
Other Services Price
Mineral Glass Replacement£ 20.00 from
Crown Replacement£ 20.00 from
Dial Restoration£ 150.00 from
Case Refurbishment£ 70.00 from
Antique Watches & Clocks Repair Price
Antique Pocket Watch
*Prices are depending on the watch or clock.
*All watch services includes VAT
*Free estimates
*Fully Insured & Free Postage


Clocks Repair Price
Mantel Clocks/Wall Clock
Single train/2 train/3 train
£125.00 - £250.00 from
Grandfather Clock£350.00 from
Vienna Regulator
Single train/2 train/3 train
£230.00 - £350.00 from
English Dials
Single train/2 train
£245.00 - £ 380.00 from
400 Days£165.00 from
English Bracket
Single train/2 train/3 train
£215.00 - £460.00 from
French Carriage
Single train/2 train/3 train
£120.00 - £310.00 from
*All clock services includes VAT
*Free estimates

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Tonbridge, Kent, England, UK
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